August eats

From authentic Hong Kong dessert to fusion restaurant food,these are the cafes that I've tried in the mounth of August.Compilation of cafe hopping in Charlie,Aku Cafe and Gallery,Rendezvous Cafe & Streat Thai

Hong Kong Sheng Kee dessert
Suitable for dinner or a lunch here,this restaurant offers a variety of hong kong dessers and main dishes

crispy braised chicken drumstick noodle

sparred rib with yam and black beans
according to friends opinion,the love the noodle texture somuch

yam cake

glutinous rice with chicken wrapped,best eaten while hot

happily to find an egg yolk
Rendezvous cafe, 
the perfect spot for a small group gathering or chilling out
pop corn chicken

lamb chop

tropical fruits drink ,could be shared among two to three persons

Encore Cafe was our pit stop for breakfast before going for Charlie Cafe

mocha and basil chicken sandwiches,shared among three persons

Charlie's cafe

UFO tart,On the left was salted egg,and original on the right,I bought them home.However not up to my own preference.In my own opinion,the outer pastry layer was nice,however,the inner filling is too watery.Perhaps,prefer to savour some concentrated ones.

as early as 12p.m the cafe was surrounded by people

some information on the wall

nasi lemak with pandan chicken and rendang
For those watching their waist,this might not be a good choice

charlies Laksa ala Sarawak
Does this really meet the ones similar to authentic laksa found in Kuching or elsewhere in Sarawak?
Yes,because it has concentrated soup base
Total bill;RM28.80

lunch at Aku Cafe & Gallery

lunch set,dori fish served with lemon tea

Dinner at Streat Thai,Jaya One
mango kerabu

som tham,served with loads of chicken,

best served with white rice and mint lime soda to  quench thirst


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