my chinese new year celebration 2017

My chinese new year celebration is celebrated at Kota Kinabalu,Sabah. Two weeks before the celebration,my mum decorated the home with ornaments.
Chinese new year is about spending quality time with family, and celebrating lunar new year.Chap Goh Mei was just yesterday, felt that how fasttime flies

i met choi san and cat at Changi airport

cute fire cracker

sunflower plant at garage
random pictures from my home backyard

pomelo tree
Pomelo is significant in prayers and is also a healthy fruit.
pomelo tree
pomelo plucked from my backyard

raddish soup served with mee hoon

spaghetti cooked with fresh tomato and mushroom 

on the eve of chinese new year,mom prepared hainan chicken

steam fish ,fish is a must during chinese new year,symbolizes abunance

stir fry prawn

sambal prawn 

reunion dinner at new year eve night
cauliflower and brocoli cooked in kew pie sauce
on the first day of chinese new year,mum cook various delicious vegetarian food prepared by mum.for open house

vegetarian mutton curry

vegetarian nugget

fried mee hoon

fried cabbage -lets

sweet sour vegetarian fish

fried `nian gao` by the neighbour

'cao rou` made from yam and vegetarian ham

sweet pumpkin soup dessert

stuffed pork with mushroom

I also visited the local market,where it is also known as 'tamu'.
local seaweed


some local delicacy

On the chinese new year,eve,there is a pasar malam that should be visited.It is located along the road side of pasar besar. May it be last minute grocery shopping or even food hunting!

 some local crackers spotted around

if you are lucky enough, you get to buy tiger prawns

or even this!

before leaving the pasar malam,let's have some fishball?


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