Soong Kee wantan mee,SS2 and Ipoh chicken rice[Non halal]

Soong Kee,SS2 is special for beef noodle,but if you are not a fan of beef noodle,then go for the  wantan noodle.Went there for a breakfast this morning.

Drinks at affordable price

wantan mee-RM6.90 per plate
Springy noodle, but a little bit dry.may be
 because I love it to be served with more soya sauce Go nice with blended chilli

If you are a fan of roasted pork and looking for a good plate of chicken rice,then head to 1977 Ipoh Chicken Rice.

RM10 per plate for kampung chicken,highly recommended by me

'fat',crunchy bean sprouts

RM13 per plate

A conclusion of dinner on this day-you can order this for two person portion

also ordered herbal tea to quench thirst-RM2.80 per glass
 We visit the restaurant around  p.m that night.Better be early there as people coming in for dinner increasing from time to time.

Check out for their menu for more choice...

 Totally a rcommendation for this two resturants ,to be visited for breakfast and dinner respectively.


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