Food Japan Singapore

The 5th Food japan Singapore is held at the Suntec Convention Centre. This 3-day event consists of workshop ,masterclass,seminar demonstration and visitors get sample too.Each admission costs $4.
On this day,we get to sample an abundance of products from Japan, and also gain knowledge on the products .Some are not sold in Singapore yet.

There are plenty of booth that is for displaying purposes and some products are available for sale.
While visiting the booth,we get to try rice crackers,dorayaki,drink miso soup,squid,juicy crab meats,
Sake tasting is a must-to-do thingy too.

At the main entrance,crowd spotted

The first booth visited was Flower House Omuro Co Ltd,which sells bonsai .
I was briefed on ways to take good care of a bonsai plant, watering is the main priority and no fertiliser is needed.What's more the bonsai is available to be purchased online.I was told the cost is around SGD 400.
Visit for more details.

credit to 畅游行 Travellution

*Non halal section*
There is a booth where different kinds of pork were spotted.
Then we also came acroos the egg booth
 I remembered there is a short seminar about the egg benefits

Onsen egg

After tasting the egg,we visited another booth,as there are plenty of booth are yet to be visited.
miso products

......A huge range of chocolate found......

Next I also spotted some green tea leaves.
Green tea leaves

healthy juices

Biscuit products

rice crackers,I sampled more than five products in this booth

prawn flavour

Mont blanc cheese cake
honey products


Dorayaki making in process


was told that this cute thing is available at Takashimaya store

fruit juice products ,ingredient to make cocktails

fish roe sampling

frozen fish,once the sealed is opened,it can be eaten immediately

Seaweed-like noodle

Sake section

fruit sake

Japanese beer

>20 year age sake

sweet potato products,not yet sold in Singapore yet,they cost SGD 3 eachq

Instant noodles section

 fried yamaitoimo chips

flake salmon

fish roe and fish products
 in different seasoning

20 year old++ sake

premium sake,the taste is concentrate compare to the normal ones

Soya bean vegetarian meat
Rice products
Each packet costs SGD2

It taste even better with the seasoning

premium grapes

On top of that,there are booths that display products such as candles, ceramic products and lots more

the slimming tea products,is not available for sale yet



Sea cucumber,the smaller one weights atound 5 g

Japanese yam

This is the video that shows how dorayaki is made.

For your information,some products are not yet sold in Singapore yet.
Around 4p.m in the afternoon,it's time to leave the hall.
P/s:We brought some samples home.


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