Twig app to earn point and redeem rewards[Updated]

It's a mobile app to earn points and redeem rewards
Just swipe while unlock home screen and earn points instantly
This app is created,enriching mobile phone user while swiping the phone every second.
When user collect enough points,then can start to redeem for items that love to redeem such as movie ticket,voucher rebates and also beverages such as coca cola,chatime lovers anyone?..

List of rewards selection for user to choose
After downloading the apps,then swipe to accumulate points..
Finally,after months of swiping ,my hard work finally paid off.
I manage to redeem a Chatime beverage.

Now,enter my code:Agq1 and you get 1300 points!


  1. Hi Karen, I'm Sam from Penang (Malaysia).
    Is this true? I actually did use this apps also and i tried it out at Chattime to redeem but the staff doesn't know anything about this.
    Not Chattime Queensbay Mall Penang.

    Did you redeem before? If is True then i may try it again.
    If is not true, i might uninstall this apps.


    1. Hi sam,nice to meet you.I haven't go and try redeem anything from this app.will go and try soon.

  2. hi sam yee.I already redeem a butterscotch drink from Chatime today.Accoring to Chatime,it is not reddemable in Queensbay mall


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