My order from Printcious has arrived

*Disclaimer:These are my personal experiences and opinions when ordering cushion and also a T-shirt
After ordering T-shirt & cushion from Printcious,the next and most common step is to go through the checkout screen
5 sections to go though before a successful order is made

let's see what I order from Printcious
And there are just :
1.shipping address
-I just key in my residential area,contact number and also my other personal details,here.So make sure,you don't make any mistake!

2.billing address
Tips:key in the same address with shipping address

3. shipping methods
-2 types to be choosen from
-rm 10 (3-5 days) or rm 20 to immediate the delivery process.I opted for the Rm 10 one
2 shipment types to choose from

4.payment method
 online payment is just so common and easy nowadays ,so choose online banking
i opted for the online banking one order
- here i can choose to amend details of order items

#the final process 

after hitting the <Confirm Order> button,I receive a Thank you message

navigate to my account and now ,my status turns Paid,I can choose to view Invoice

exactly three days after my order,now my item status become 'Delivered'
what's more,the delivery was quick.After three days,I received my ordered items.The items are in nice condition and good quality.

P/s:Story form last episode
P.s:Overall,the cartoon, printed on the cushion is in a high and good resolution.Asking about the shirt quality? Well,it's a thick fabric and the color quality is very good too.I feel that nice quality inks were used for the icons on the shirt.

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