Mamee,Jonker House

Last day at the historical state and took many photos
Breakfast before heading towards Jonker Street
the famous chicken rice balls

anyone want some steam chicken?

 some candid photos taken while walking towards Mamee Jonker House

Reached Mamee Jonker House

Amoi cantik ,nak Mamee,tak?

Angle taken from above

the original Mamee without decoration

Decoration  in progress

Decoration done!

Miss Charlotte putting the ingredients into the Mamee cup,only four types of condiments need to be selected
Before the mamee cups go through packaging Miss Charlotte briefed to decorate own cups using colour pens before going for further process
The second stage,which is sealing the mouth of the cup

Packaging process

All mamee cup noodle must go through this final step

Ta-Daa, freshly packaged

chips and cup noodles,anyone?

Saya nak satu ,boleh tak?

corntoz displayed in a glass case


Last year,2014

Mister Potato


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