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I must be dreaming when I saw this..." 3 days 2 nights trip to Macau!". I have  never been to Macau before and therefore I should not miss this only golden opportunity orgenised by NUFFNANG. So my below post will be based on searching on the internet and also based on gaining some knowledges by watching different travel shows and hearing from my dad after his vacation to Macau .Things to do at Macau are shopping till drop,eating and lots more.
There is always a saying,before going anywhere to travel make sure these criterias are fulfilled.
Rule #1:
Search for places to visit
Rule #2:
Really do a lot of reading by doing researches on travel guides.

There are some amazing things not to be missed in Macau.
And the main thing is ...
As mentioned in chuckei's blog,one of the food should be tried is pork bun and egg tarts,but another thing that must be tried is the famous polo bun.There is one shop which is famous for it which is I read somewhere in the internet, Check out here. Another thing that I know is the double skin steamed milk. Next is the 肉切酥(Crisp fillet)

2)Place to visit
if you like watch TVB series,then you must know this place because this place is often used for filming location.Remember Return of the Cuckoo?

Ruins of St Paul’s (Ruínas de São Paulo / 大三巴牌坊)

3)Place to shop & BUY
Buying some souvenirs or items from the place definitely is a must.These shops are a must for girls ,..of course,that are Eg:Body Shop, Sa Sa, Angel, H2O+
where to buy??
-Taipan Cunha street
what to buy??
-Duty-free Products
-Almond biscuit

                  Dried herbs 
Almond biscuit

                                                                     Night scenery
For more information,Don't forget to visit Macau Government Tourism at:
p/s:photos are original captured.
I am looking forward for this trip.Good luck to me and hopefully I will be the lucky one. If I won this contest, I will definitely post the experiences and also those nice pictures on my blog.


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