Tours Les jours @Bukit Bintang

 I've read on several blogs about this bakery,so decided to give it a try.
It's my first time here,so I decided to give a try on the pastries.

Hazelnut Roll Danish (RM4.50) & Peach Danish(RM3.90)
The peach danish roll was crispy on the side,soft inside and just nice with the cream and the peach on top,while the toppings on the hazelnut roll danish is quite sweet actually but still acceptable.
Caramel macchiato(RM(9) & blueberry frappe (RM10)
 caramel macchiato taste bitter actually,and the blueberr frappe taste sweet sour with some berries on the bottom.Since I choose to eat in the shop,I request for a glass instead of plastic cups.
Each beverages ordered will be served to the table.I have to wait around 15 minutes for this ..
the environment


the view inside the bakery shop
Each items are service charged at 10% & gov charge of 5%
 There are various kinds of pastries to try off ,can't try all at the first time,so if there's an opportunity,I shall visit again the shop again next time,perhaps? .


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